When To Mow New Grass? Best Guide

When To Mow New Grass

You should know When To Mow New Grass? Because Your first mow will stay with you forever. if you don’t do it correctly! If you want your grass to grow properly. You need to let it reach the proper height before you mow it. Exactly why? It might not grow back properly if you mowed it too short. That’s why you should know how short to mow your grass.

Having said that, there is nothing entirely wrong. So long as you know the first mowing height and the recommended mowing height for your mixture going forward, everything will be fine.

Our grass seed mixtures are all preferred to be cut at a height of 5 – 7 cm before they are planted. Grass that is able to reach this height well and is viable, so it can be cut. In either case, it will not reach this height. Because it is a young plant or something is stunting its growth.

Things to Consider While Mowing Grass


You should trim the new grass at the right time. In general, you need to wait four weeks after the grass seeds have germinated before you can mow your new grass. The leaf blades of grass seedlings are too weak to withstand compaction and cutting from mowers. Before cutting the turf grass, it should gain some strength. 

Also, the roots of the seedlings are still establishing themselves in the soil. Mow too soon and you will result in the mower’s wheels and blades pulling out the grass sprouts, rather than cutting them.

When you mow too soon, the mower compacts the soil at the same time, which makes it difficult for seeds to establish strong roots.

Cutting a lawn properly

Incorrectly mown grass can result in severe dieback. To cut low on dry grass, your mower must have sharp blades so that the turf is not ripped or torn. 

Keeping the grass between 2 and 3 inches high is crucial; don’t cut it below this height because invading weeds and heat stress will invite pathogens and pests into your newly seeded lawn. By mowing in a range of directions, you’ll also help your lawn stay upright and cut properly. Cutting in one direction each time you mow causes the grass to lay down and compact into the soil.

Be aware of the height 

Mowing time is based on grass height. By the time a sprout reaches 3 or 4 inches in height, it’s ready to be mowed. Moisture is crucial for grass establishment. Before mowing the grass for the first time, let it dry for 48 hours. 

At each cut, remove only a third of the grass height. Continue to mow until the height reaches a more manageable 2- to 3-inch level. When passing a mower across the lawn, use slow turns to avoid pinching the turf and pulling it from the soil.


To achieve an even turf, you can consider seeding bare patches of established turf. Mowing the grass without mowing over patches is possible once it has grown. Incorporate the same timing and height observances into the cutting as the seedlings grow. In time, your newly planted grass will merge with the established one, creating a cohesive mixture without any traces of old patches.

It takes a while for the roots of a new lawn to establish before the first mow can occur. Lawns that have been seeded may not be ready to be mowed for up to two months. Mowing may need to wait two to three weeks after sodding has been planted.

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