When to apply weed and feed? Timely Secrets

When to apply weed and feed to your garden, and how do you control weeds best? Have you ever used a weed and feed product to achieve this? You can find out when to apply weed control and fertilizer by reading the following information. It is crucial to have a healthy, dense lawn all year round. As much as understanding what your lawn needs, you need to know when it needs it. 

Taking action to combat lawn weeds is one of the most important tasks required to improve the health of your lawn. Best Weed and feed can be used in the spring or summer on your property, so read on to find out when you should apply them.

Best Time To Apply

Lawn care is all about timing. You can miss attacking the weeds that are not yet growing if you apply weed and feed too early, and they will live through the application. 

Waiting too long will result in your grass not being able to receive enough nutrients to grow. When you notice your lawn needs the first trim of the season, the right time to apply weed and feed is early in the spring.

In addition, Weed and Feed should only be applied if the weeds are actively growing. April is the month when you can start the  application process. During September and October, you can continue the process.

Several lawn owners prefer to fertilize and feed their lawns during September or August. Of course, this is fine, though It is only recommended to have various weed types on your lawn.

During these months, you should also treat any spring seeds germinated so that weeds and feed are effectively controlled. You will achieve weed-free lawns from now until the following spring.

Advice Secrets

There are still problems that can occur, even when weed and feed treatments are carried out perfectly and in the ideal weather. Here are some tips that can improve your chances of submitting a successful application:

  • 3 to 5 inches tall is the ideal height for your grass.
  • Weed and feed the lawn by using a sprinkler before applying the treatment.
  • Using weed and feed, don’t water your lawn for 48 hours.
  • Make sure you follow manufacturer instructions when applying lawn treatments.
  • Even when you apply weed and feed during the winter, it will have absolutely no effect on the appearance of your lawn the following spring and summer. To maximize the effectiveness of weed and feed, it should be applied in the spring and fall.

Final Thoughts

Using Best Weed and Feed For Lawns offers many benefits, the most important of which is that fertilizer is applied while weeds are killed. Ideally, weeds and feed should be used to the field in late April or early May, and if necessary, again in late September.

Be careful not to oversaturate your lawn with weed and feed, which will cause it to wear out quickly. Before applying weed and feed, make sure to spread it evenly across the lawn, preferably with a broadcast spreader.

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