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When Does Grass Stop Growing? Full Guide

What happens when does grass stop growing? It happens to me too. Winterizing the lawnmower was very exciting for me. My observations about seasonal grass growth over the past few years are listed below.

Fall is a time when the grass stops growing as the temperature begins to drop. Even at temperatures below this range, the growth rate is far too slow to necessitate regular mowing. Temperatures typically drop in late October and November in Canada and the Northern States, resulting in a slowdown in grass growth.

Grass can stop growing even at scorching temperatures during the summer. Your lawn can be affected in many ways!

When Does Grass Stop Growing?

Plants stop growing when they don’t get what they need to develop normally. Heat, light, water, and nutrients are essential for grass to thrive. As soon as it does not get what it needs, it goes into hibernation (dormancy). Grasses are protected (especially from temperature extremes) while they are in dormancy.

Grass stops growing in excessive heat or humidity. It stops growing when it doesn’t get sunlight due to snow, leaves, or even short winter days. Both air and water are necessary for grassroots. In the absence of air and water, grass plants will cease to grow.

Growing Seasons of Grass on Your Lawn

Let’s apply what we know about how temperatures influence plant growth to your lawn. Your yard’s growth pattern is partly determined by the species of grass you have. Popular cool-season varieties in Southeastern Michigan include Kentucky bluegrass, blue ryegrass, bentgrass, and fescue. You may have noticed how their growth accelerates in the springtime and during the colder months of late fall.

Nevertheless, this pattern slows down before colder temperatures arrive. Planning for winter, including when to mow for the last time each year, is still vital for lawns like these. Grasses that grow in cool climates can flourish below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but their growth gradually slows when temperatures reach 32 degrees. Typically this occurs in late November or early December.

Seasonal Patterns of Grass Growth

Perennial grass plants have long roots filled with energy stored in the fall that is ready to grow when the soil warms up in the spring. Spring is the time when grass plants put on a burst of growth using this energy.

As a result of the pleasantly warm temperatures and abundant sunlight, grass overgrows in the late spring and early summer. Even during drought conditions, grass can go dormant during the summer, but it can thrive if given adequate water and sunlight. With temperatures dropping and sunlight less abundant during the late summer, growth starts to slow.

A Final Mow of the Season

You should carefully time when you mow your lawn in the fall, considering your lawn’s growth patterns. By cutting your grass before winter arrives, you can prevent moldy fungus from developing in your yard. It is common practice to cut warm-season grasses one final time before they go dormant, usually before the first frost in late October. Before their dormancy period starts in November, cool-season grasses should have their last mowing.

When cutting your grass during your final mowing session, you are likely to cut it too short. By stunting growth or causing too early hibernation of the lawn can cause it to suffer damage. Keep the grass height at a reasonable level. Typically, guides recommend cutting grass to about 2 inches in height. You can safely mow cool-season varieties like Kentucky bluegrass to 2 to 12 inches high on your last mowing.

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