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What is Cat Grass? A Complete Guide

Are you aware that your meat-eating pet may appreciate some vegetation in her diet? You’re right, and she may enjoy some cat grass. Even though cats are obligate carnivores (that is, they need to eat meat to get nutrition), they love to eat plants for many reasons. But what is cat grass? Can it harm my pet? Consult your vet before allowing your cat to eat anything, but you can find out more about this unusual feline salad green here.

What Is Cat Grass?

Cat grass is grown from wheat, barley, oats, and rye seeds, not just one type of grass. In contrast, grass outdoors in your lawn may contain toxic pesticides. Household pets can consume indoor cat grass grown explicitly for their needs.

It has another benefit. Deterrence can be achieved with it, as Trupanion recommends. By providing your pet with a tasty, dedicated snack, you can keep them from eating other delicate or dangerous plants. Cat grass is the perfect way to keep your houseplants safe from your kitty if she likes to chew on them or tip them over.

Cat grass kits have never been more popular. For those who cannot find one locally, you can search online or talk to your veterinarian. 

A popular suggestion is to purchase wheat berries from the store to create a DIY greens buffet for your cat. If you are taking care of a seed in a container, cover it in soil, place it in a sunny spot in your home, and water it regularly (misting may help avoid overwatering). It won’t take too long for your seeds to sprout, and you’ll be able to eat them within two weeks. Transplanting the grass isn’t necessary. You can let your cat graze directly in the garden pot.

Does Cat Grass Make Cats Happy?

Several theories are floated among experts as to why our furry friends enjoy munching on the grass by the mouthful, but there is no clear answer:

Effects of laxatives 

The high amount of soluble fiber in aids digestion and helps keep cats’ bowels healthy.


Despite what we think, a little roughage may be a cat’s favorite taste (and texture).


Your cat’s body benefits from cat grass because it is rich in essential nutrients.

Tummy ache

Theoretically, the grass can help your cat regurgitate hairballs so it doesn’t clog its digestive tract with fur from grooming. 

Better out than in

The grass is often eaten instinctively by cats when they want to induce vomiting. They may eat it if they want something from their systems, preferably something disagreeable.

How safe is cat grass?

According to research, cats do not only eat grass in sickness. The grass for cats not only provides enjoyment, but it helps your kitty’s digestion as well.

A vitamin called folic acid is found in the grass (and can be found in human breakfast cereals made of the same grain mixture as grass). Grass acts as a laxative to help push hairballs or bits of food out of her intestines. You should always consult your veterinarian if your cat consumes excessive cat grass, as the cat may overeat when sick.

Separating your cat garden from other houseplants is also paramount. From the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a comprehensive list of poisonous household plants or irritants to cats and dogs is provided. If you want to give your cat grass, make sure she can see it and keep philodendrons, aloe, and parsley out of her reach.

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