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What Flowers Are In Season In October?

It’s a lovely time of year during the fall. Colorful leaves, cooler weather, and pumpkin-flavored everything make it a wonderful time of year. In autumn, several flowers are beginning to bloom. In addition to their color and hardiness, October flowers make stunning arrangements. Could you check what flowers are in season in october?

What flowers are in season in October?

As a starting point, we will answer our question, “What is the flower for October? There’s a flower called calendula that is related to marigolds and daisies. For a fall birthday or celebration, you can tuck these yellow flowers into arrangements. They are also quickly grown at home.

In addition to its health benefits, calendula also makes medicines for treating wounds, infections, and inflammation. Flowers are edible, but they should be consumed with caution and in consultation with a physician. In addition to serving as decorations and ingredients for salads, flower heads can also be used as food. 

Further, promoting skin health, calendula oil reduces acne, diaper rash, and eczema. Besides being bright and sunny, this flower for October offers many health benefits.

Flowers in Season in October

Let’s see what’s in season now that October’s flower has faded. You can pick any of these blooms fresh or let them grow outdoors to make a lovely arrangement. They are available in colors that reflect the warm tones of autumn. Enjoy these October flowers in season during the fall, with their beautiful textures and styles.

Azure Monkshood


Monkshood, a late-flowering variety, receives its name from the shape of its flower, which is reminiscent of a medieval monk’s headwear. In terms of pests or diseases, it is relatively trouble-free. There is, however, one caveat: all parts of this plant are poisonous.

Make sure you wear gloves and cover any wounds or abrasions before handling them. You should also avoid planting near vegetable gardens or areas frequented by children and pets.


Alstroemerias are sometimes referred to as filler flowers since they are small and dainty. They are just pretty. Their lifespan is quite long, and they are available in various colors, including pink, yellow, and burgundy. 

Growing these October flowers isn’t difficult, either. Instead of starting plants from fungus-prone bulbs, buy plants from your local nursery. 

You should plant them in partly shaded soil if you want them to thrive. We have arranged many of alstroemeria’s colors in one of our Mix’ n Mingle bouquets. Additionally, they are included as accent flowers in a lovely mix of yellows and pinks in our Hello Beautiful bouquet. 

Butterfly Bush

Your home garden will be more eco-friendly if you include critter-friendly elements. In this case, the butterfly bush has lavender-colored blooms. When the fall comes, monarch butterflies flee south. In this way, these orange creatures will be attracted to the October flowers while migrating.  

Butterflies and other diseases are not a problem for the butterfly bush. For people with black thumbs, they are easy to grow. As soon as the flower blooms, you can take it indoors, but leaving it outside will attract various butterflies to your garden. 

Tatarian Aster

Up until the first frost, this tall, late-blooming aster looks good.

In the Jindai Botanical Garden in the suburbs of Tokyo, a variety known as ‘Linda was discovered.

Unlike some asters that get leggy during the summer and require pruning, this one looks just as good without it as long as it receives plenty of sunlight.


Similar to daisies, coneflowers are also easy to grow in October. Instead of the petals slanting upward, they slope downward, revealing the cone-shaped center of the flower. A variety of coneflower colors are available, including pink, white, and gold. 

Medicinal uses for the plant include treating sickness and boosting immunity through its scientific name: Echinacea. Drinking the tea will help you avoid getting sick. If you have plants at home, you can try making tea using the leaves purchased from a health food store.

Gerbera Daisy

One of the prettiest flowers in October is the Gerbera Daisy. During the summer, garden centers and nurseries display their brightly colored petals. Aside from their ease of care, these plants bloom for months at a time.

For our Fall Candy Corn Bouquet, we recommend autumn-colored daises. With tones such as yellow, hot pink, and orange, our Gerbera Dreamin’ arrangement would look beautiful on any dining table. The Sunday Brunch bouquet is an ideal gift to send from far away with gerbera daisies and blooms such as hydrangea and status.


In addition to its other names, such as blazing star and gayfeather, Liatris is a unique plant. Instead of a single large blossom, elongated plant sections are covered in many small, string-like flowers. You can use them to add texture to bouquets like our Mardi Gras arrangement or as a stand-alone arrangement like our Purple Crayons arrangement.

Especially for beginners, Liatris are easy to grow, and they add color to any garden. These clump-forming corms are dotted with butterflies and bees. They multiply each year. Drought-tolerant plants such as these can be used for arrangements in your garden.


In the fall, nurseries display mums in pink, burgundy, and orange colors. Many of them live in pots with pumpkins and other autumn decorations. It is essential to plant them as soon as possible to establish a robust root system so they can survive the winter and bloom the following year. 

In addition to the 13 kinds of mums available, what we offer with our flower delivery service is different from what you plant in your yard. Using our Japanese Slipper and Garden Party arrangements, you will accentuate your coffee table or mantel with fluffy Fuji mums. 


One of the most iconic flowers is the rose. Flowers have a variety of colors, a strong scent, and many petals. In October, they are one of the flowers in season, much to the delight of those who adore them. In an arrangement, roses can work well together with other blooms and on their own. 

Roses come in various colors to complement the season, including red, orange, yellow, and more. Whenever you pick pink or purple, regardless of the season, you won’t go wrong. Dolly Parton and County Dancer are particularly successful in the fall growing season. 


Naturally, there has to be a stunner-or is it a sunnier? It doesn’t matter how they are arranged; sunflowers bring vibrancy to a room. While sunflowers look great anywhere in the home, they are lovely on kitchen counters and in entryways. 

Our sunflower bouquets include our Central Park, Empow-her, or You’re My Sunflower bouquets, which can be grown from seed or ordered as a bouquet. Please make plans to harvest your seeds once the blooms begin to fade so you can plant them next year. 

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