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How To Plant Strawberries Seeds ? Garden Care

How much do you love strawberries? Fruits like these can be eaten during the hot months and are easy to grow. Do you know How to plant Strawberries Seeds? Yes, You can grow strawberries directly from seeds as well as from seedlings. Our guide outlines the entire process so that you can increase your very own strawberry crop!

There’s good news: Growing strawberries from seed is easy and inexpensive. As long as they can get their basic needs met, the plants in North America aren’t fussy about their environment. As you grow strawberries from seed, it’s possible your plants won’t yield fruit until the following year, depending on the length of your growing season. 

Strawberries are widely available, but the varieties available may not be very varied. In the absence of bare-root plants to sell a field’s worth, seed companies will not grow them. Thus, it’s getting harder and harder to find unique specialty varieties.  

Do Strawberries Come True To Seed?

Do strawberries have seeds? According to the definition of valid to seed, it will have the same characteristics as its parents. Planting apple seeds, for example, doesn’t guarantee an apple plant will grow true to seed.

For the most part, cherry and stone fruit plants are true to seed, so the offspring resemble their parents. Seedling strawberries usually are very similar to their parents (with very few exceptions).  

Strawberries self-pollinate, which means that the seeds you get will not be true to their parents. 

Strawberry Season: When to Plant

Grow strawberries from seeds as strawberries are perennial, they will grow again every year. As long as they get off to a good start, it will be worth it.

Strawberry plants can be planted anytime. When strawberries are grown from seeds, you will need to keep them indoors until the last frost has been passed so that they can get started. Pressed into moist potting soil in seed starter trays, seeds will grow quickly.

If your climate allows, you can grow a variety of strawberries from seed, one of the significant benefits. After planting this method, however, the fruit will not be harvested for at least a year. Patience indeed pays off here.

How To Plant Strawberries Seeds?

Follow these steps to plant strawberries seeds:

  1. Identify the strawberry variety that will suit your needs.
  2. Outside, grow strawberries in the sun.
  3. To determine if the soil needs nutrients, test it. Check the results for the NPK ratio recommended by your soil test.
  4. Using a pH sensor, check soil pH and adjust if necessary.
  5. So you can easily collect the seeds, place your strawberries in a food dehydrator set between 135 and 140 °F (57 and 60 °C). Allow the fruit to dry for 24 to 36 hours by spacing the trays 1 to 2 (2.5 to 5.1 cm) apart. After that, remove the seeds from the dried fruits.
  6. Afterward, freeze them in a jar for at least one month.
  7. Start your seeds by germinating them in a tray, and then plant them outside.
  8. Make sure the seed tray is placed in a sunny, indoor location.
  9. Prepare your soil for strawberry planting by fertilizing it.
  10. Ensure the seedlings are at least 1 in (2.5 cm) tall before planting.
  11. Throughout the growing season, make sure that your plants are fertilized.
  12. Soak the soil in enough water, so it remains moist. You should water your plant, on average, about 1 to 1 12 in (2.5 to 3.8 cm) per week. 
  13. Remove weeds as you see them.
  14. Beware of pests and diseases during the growing and harvesting season.
  15. Strawberry harvest occurs between the spring and summer months.

One Last Thought

Because strawberries are made of strawberry seeds, we love strawberries. According to us, everyone should enjoy strawberries. For questions, please leave a comment. Check back regularly for additional information, which will be linked below.

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