How To Keep Chipmunks Out Of Garden?

How To Keep Chipmunks Out Of Garden

It’s just that they’re little. How cute are they? Besides, they can cause much damage. To the casual observer, chipmunks do not appear to be a gardener’s worst nightmare. You will not regret it when they eat up your tulip roots, chew up your tomato seeds, and dig holes throughout your garden. So, there are certain measures about how to keep chipmunks out of garden. So that you can make your garden more fertile.

As small rodents, chipmunks can get into places more significant pests cannot, and they can dig well. Therefore, even seeds do not appear to be protected from chipmunks.

Despite their persistence and creativity, chipmunks can destroy your garden if you don’t take measures to prevent it.

Save Your Garden From Chipmunks

As we all know, chipmunks (like their cousins, the squirrels) enjoy nuts and acorns.

What are chipmunks eating in the garden?

Besides eating berries and herbs, they also eat vegetables such as celery and mushrooms. Animals even nibble on leaves and flowers in potted plants!

It’s not uncommon to find the leaves chewed through, and the plants uprooted in gardens due to this diverse palette.

Chipmunks are always on the lookout for food since their front teeth are ever-growing. Growers of their food will find their crops often stolen at night by chipmunks. When you replant your garden, chipmunks will probably destroy it as soon as they see your repellents.

Are you concerned about chipmunks eating your plants? All these troubles can be solved by targeting the chipmunks.

Here are some humane ideas that will keep them away:

How Do Chipmunks Feel About Smells?


Watching a chipmunk in action, you may have seen that it relies heavily on finding food, shelter, and the rest of its pack with its nose. Every few meters, chipmunks sniff the air, so scents alone will fool them very quickly.

Chipmunks can’t handle strong smells. They dislike a variety of smells, such as:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Spice of cinnamon
  • The garlic clove
  • Citrus
  • Peppermint

These scents are available in essential oils (without the garlic).

Defend the Area 

Due to chipmunks’ small size and ability to climb and dig, fences aren’t constantly repelling them. 

Small holes buried at least six inches underground and a fence tall enough so the critters can’t climb it may keep the critters away, particularly if joined with other methods. By adding nets to the top and sides of the fence, critters will have more obstacles to overcome.

Spice it up 

To keep chipmunks away from your garden, sprinkle cayenne or chili powder around. In addition, gardeners have reported success in deterring chipmunks by using a generous sprinkle of a medicated powder.

Capture them

Trap them

A live trap designed explicitly for chipmunks would be ideal if your problem is limited to a few critters. Once the rodents are released, you will have them move on to a kinder environment. 

If you are concerned about humane removal, consider that an adult chipmunk may have helpless young nearby.

An artificial predator, such as a motion-activated owl, can keep chipmunks out of your yard. It is also possible to find a spray that contains the urine of predator animals, such as cats and foxes. It will fool the chipmunks into thinking they’re in danger, so they’ll stay away.


To abolish chipmunks from your yard, you must employ lethal chipmunk traps, which kill the rodents or cause bodily harm to them.

Therefore, you will need to be patient during the process, especially if they are scavenging under your property and out of sight in their burrow. Because you will be getting rid of them one by one, the bigger the population, the longer you will have to wait.

Taking care of family, work, and social obligations are already challenging. When you use lethal means to kill the chipmunks in your yard, you are adding yet another chore to your list. 

In addition, a dead chipmunk will attract pests and vermin to the house, not to mention the possibility of an infectious disease. Consider doing something like the below where a hose is put into a chipmunk’s den.

Are these good or bad ideas? See for yourself.

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