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How To Grow A Peach Tree From Seed?

Do you remember when you ate a delicious fruit like peach and wondered how to grow a peach tree from a pit or How to grow a peach tree from seed? Although most fruit trees are propagated by grafting, peach and apricot trees can also be grown from seeds. Discover how in this article!

Similarly, apple, pear, plum, and cherry seeds may also grow into new trees, but the tree’s fruit will not look much like the parent tree. Sometimes, even the best-tasting apple seeds will produce an apple tree with lousy tasting or unusable fruit. 

Trees growing from seeds also lack the dwarfing characteristics of trees grafted with roots so that a seedling apple tree may grow to 30 feet tall. As a result, grafting is most often used to propagate fruit trees.

Things to Consider Before Planting Peach Seeds

Decide which peach variety to grow

Growing a peach tree is very easy if you have proper guidance. A lovely peach just made its way to your plate on a friend’s farm. What’s wrong with planting that pit and growing peaches of the same kind? It might be worth looking at peach tree reproduction. 

Peach seeds are produced when the pollen of one plant is mixed with the ovule of another. Hence, a peach seed will possess the characteristics of both parents. 

To control the type of peach grown, growers use grafting methods to attach desired varieties to mother roots.

If you grow a peach seed, you might end up with a tree that is a little or a lot less vigorous than the parents or that is less cold-hardy. Take advantage of this chance while growing a tree.

Cleaning the Peach Seed

Peach seeds require special preparation before planting, unlike avocado seeds, where the pit can be suspended over water. As ripe peaches decay in nature, some seeds germinate, others succumb to mold and mildew. Therefore, you should clean your seed and treat it with antimicrobial treatments to prevent mold growth.

With a dry, soft toothbrush, brush away any fruit that adheres to the pit. To prepare the bleach solution, mix ten parts of water with 1 part bleach. Once the seed has dried, apply a fungicide to inhibit that growth further.

Planting Peach Seeds

A peach seed does not have the profoundly wrinkled covering that you see on the pit. Peach seeds are covered with a surface known as the endocarp, which encases them from the outside. You can speed up germination by gently cracking the endocarp using a small nutcracker or pliers.

The Ultimate Guide to Planting Peach Trees from Seed

When you don’t mind waiting a few years for your peach tree to bear fruit, it can be a rewarding experience to grow your own from seed. Here’s how to grow a peach seed for the growing season.

Peach pits should be carefully cracked open, and the peach kernels should be removed. Nutcrackers and hammers are adequate cracking tools. While you can plant the pit whole without breaking it open first, the seed grows faster when the outer shell is removed.

  • Put the peach pits in a plastic bag before you discard them. Add moist potting soil to the bag. Then, seal the bag.
  • Your refrigerator will be filled with a plastic bag. Seeds are germinated in refrigerators by cold stratification, a form of cruel treatment that simulates winter conditions.
  • One to three months after planting, watch for germination. As soon as the roots reach half an inch in length, remove the pit from the refrigerator.
  • A seedling of a peach is planted in a container. Seedlings should be kept in a sunny location, and the soil must be moist. Once the last frost has passed, move the plants outdoors.

If you have already planted a peach tree and want to transplant it. As you want to take it to another place then you can easily do it with the complete guide of Transplanting Peach Trees.

How to Harvest Peaches

The key to enjoying sweet peaches is picking them at the right time. Peach harvest times vary by variety but are typically between late June and August when they reach peak ripeness. Peaches are ready to be picked when their outer skin has no green coloring at all. When they are this bright, that means they are ripe. You can use one and taste it before harvesting the rest of the crop as the most reliable test.

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