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How To Care For Easter Lilies? Care Guide

Easter lilies rank fourth in potted plant production in the United States? Easter is near, and it will soon be time for many homes and churches to be adorned with fragrant and lovely white trumpet-shaped flowers, symbols of spring, purity, and Christ’s resurrection. Do you know how to care for easter lilies? These helpful tips can prolong the life of your fragrant flower long after the holidays are over.

Every spring, you’re sure to see Easter lilies (or several!) in Illinois homes. In the Christian faith, these elegant white flowers are found in churches and houses of worship to celebrate the holiday named after them. 

Here are some tips to help you care for these popular flowers after Easter so that they remain healthy and blooming!

Easter Lilies in the Home

Your first Step after taking your lily home, whether it’s from the store or a friend, is to make sure it’s settled in. As soon as you enter the room, follow these steps to ensure your lily stays in bloom as long as possible:

  • Before wrapping, make sure the decorative wrap or foil has drainage holes. Greenhouse staff can add drainage holes to the foil for you.
  • When your lily’s blooms (or petals) reach the end of their life, pinch them off to direct more energy into emerging flowers.
  • It is optional to remove the anthers, the yellow parts of the flower that contain the pollen. Some belief anthers to prolong blooming, but this is proven to be a myth. Pollen from lilies can stain white table runners, so removing them might extend their life.

How to care for a potted Easter Lily?

To care for your potted Easter Lily, if you picked one up at the store to brighten up your home this spring, follow the steps below.

In Step one, 

As soon as you get home, remove your plant from the packaging. Their decorative packaging can cause the roots to rot or deteriorate because of waterlogging.

Second Step

Anthers must be removed. From the centre of the bloom, the anthers emerge as tall stems. Removing pollen from a flower can prolong its life and prevent it from staining its pristine white petals.

In Step three,

Locate a bright spot where it can grow. It’s best to avoid direct sunlight in any area of your home, as this will significantly shorten their lifespans.

4th Step 

Maintain a relaxed environment. Keep your house between 60°F and 68°F and make sure your plants are protected from heat and vents.

5th Step

If you can touch the soil, water it. Do not over-water or keep it wet, but do not let it stay dry for a long time either.

6th Step

The flowers should be removed if they are fading. Prune away withering petals to encourage regeneration.

During the warmer summer months, you can plant your lily outside so that it can also enjoy the cooler spring days. Below is a brief guide on how to grow a potted Easter Lily.

The Right Light for Your Lily

Light is vital to Easter lilies, but heat is also a threat to them. A bright, indirect spot is perfect for your lily. Place your plant near a window in the sheer curtain, just outside the rays of the sun that trickle in.

Lilies like these love a cooler climate since their spring bloomers are best suited for mild, temperate weather. An ideal temperature is between 60-68 degrees Fahrenheit, away from any vents or radiators.

Watering Easter Lilies

Less often, watering of Easter lilies yields better results than more frequent waterings. After watering again, let the soil surface become dry to the touch, but do not allow it to dry out completely. Make sure the soil is getting water daily!

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