How often to mow lawn? Best Tricks

What is the best time to mow lawn? or How often to Mow Lawn during summers? It usually seems “unhappy” when I mow it (pale, browning), so I mow it less frequently. Where can I find out when the best time to mow lawn?

Your lawn mowing frequency depends on a variety of factors. When your grass is growing, it is a good idea to mow at least once a week.

Lawns are normally mowed every week, but some require more frequent mowing than others. Mowing other lawns may take about 10 days or two weeks if they grow more slowly. Cut the grass blade no more than one-third off. In excess of that, the grass may be harmed. When judging the length of the lawn, don’t give in to the notion that it has just been mowed.

Mowing Your Lawn: Tips and Tricks

Sharpen your blades always, grass tends to be ripped rather than cut by dull mower blades. Torn blades are an opportunity for diseases to enter and stress the lawn. Whenever possible, make sure you don’t mow your lawn when it’s wet. Mowing the lawn when it’s wet will lead to ruts, and you’ll have to lean the grass over to get a good cut.

If you have a healthy lawn, leaving the clippings will be okay as long as you do not have a problem with thatch. Mulling is a good thing, but it isn’t necessary. In case the clippings are not excessive, there is no damage to your lawn. Your lawn will benefit from the nitrogen that is provided by the clippings as they decompose soon after your lawn is mowed.

Keep Mowing

One or two times per week means little and often for 99% of us. You’ll have a much denser turf if you do this instead of cutting once every two weeks. 

Having a dense turf provides the best appearance and acts as a natural weed control, since it prevents weed seeds from contacting the soil. The chances of weeds growing are extremely slim if the seed never contacts the soil. Simply follow these guidelines:

  • You should mow as often as possible when the grass is growing well (usually in the spring and autumn). If you use a rotary mower, you should mowing at LEAST once every 7 to 10 days.
  • In summer, rotary mowers should be used at least twice a week and cylinder mowers should be used at least once a week
  • Always snip only one-third of a blade of grass at a time

Cutting the new grass

When you cut new grass, it can be a challenge. If you cut your new grass incorrectly, it can easily damage your rest of the lawn since it is weaker than the rest.

New grass should not be cut until it reaches a length of 3 inches or more, and it should be mowed less frequently than the rest of the lawn. You should try and limit footfall on these parts of your lawn whenever possible, and you should avoid turning your lawn mower in these areas, especially if you are using a wheeled mower, so that tread marks aren’t left on the lawn. In addition, remove the roller from your lawnmower when you are cutting fresh grass.

A Few Words Of Wisdom

Protect yourself from injury by wearing protective clothing. Toe and ear protection, and protective eyewear are all required. It is recommended that you do not allow children under 12 to operate a lawn mower or let pets play in the yard while you mow.

Mow your lawn before it’s too wet, and clear any toys and debris before mowing. To start the mower, make sure the petrol tank is full, and the blades are adjusted.

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