How Fast Do Palm Trees Grow? Garden Guide

how fast do palm trees grow

Trees and shrubs in the perennial liana, shrub, and tree family are palm trees. Palm trees are among the fascinating plant species on earth due to their fantastic value and exciting shows around the globe. Further, trees with a fast growth rate are among the fastest-growing species on the planet. Therefore, this exciting fact about Palm trees has raised an interesting question How fast do Palms grow? 

Most people ask about how quickly do palm trees grow? Indoor palm trees grow much shorter than outdoor palm trees in a favorable climate. When conditions are ideal, they can climb eight feet or more, but they take a while to reach the top. Growing palm trees is reliant on sunlight.  

In addition to rich soil and fertilizers, palm trees overgrow when planted in the right soil. Tropical regions are also more suitable for palm trees.  

Palm trees are found worldwide, requiring many types of support and treatment, and growing at other times. Palm trees also have specific features that make each species unique. Here we’ll describe some of those palm trees and their growth rates at some particular locations in the following few paragraphs.

How Does Palm Trees Grow Fast?

How Fast Do Palm Trees Grow In Florida?

The vast majority of palm tree species can be found in Florida. A large number of palm trees are found throughout Florida, according to the beauty of the state. Florida is a nation of fast-growing palm trees. Bismarck palm trees are the fastest-growing palm trees in Florida, reaching 15 feet in just five years. 

In Florida, the Royal palm tree is another fast-growing palm tree. Royal palms thrive in swampy environments but can also withstand drought.

How Fast Do Palm Trees Grow In California?

Growth rates of Washingtonia filifera are moderate to fast. They can reach a height of 100 feet, depending on the climate. These plants may grow well in U.S. Department of Agriculture phytohardiness zones 8-11. 

As many as seven feet of leaves can grow from a single plant. Landscapers should consider the tree’s growth pattern when choosing a planting site since it controls the landscape due to its rapid growth. 

How Fast Do Mexican Palm Trees Grow?

Originally from Baja, California, and Mexico, the Mexican Fan Palm (Washingtonia robusta) proliferates. 

Plants of Mexican Fan Palms bloom in arid environments such as Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Louisiana, Florida, and coastal regions such as Georgia and the Carolinas. 

A Mexican Fan Palm can be confused with a California Fan Palm, but its trunk size distinguishes it from the latter.  

California trunks can reach up to two feet in width, while Mexican boxes are thinner, only reaching about one foot in width. Typically, the leaves get a length of five feet. In spring, there are white blossoms. Fruits are edible once the blooms fade. Mexico palms are commonly planted along streets, in parks, and as lawn specimens to add a tropical flair to homes.

How Fast Do Mediteranian Fan Trees Grow?

Mediterranean Fan Palms (Chamaerops humilis) are among the most cold-hardy palms. USDA zones 4 and 5 can tolerate its cold winters, and higher zones will withstand its heat. Growing this palm is, however, a slow process. If you plant it as a specimen in the landscape of your home, but you don’t plan to live there long, this might pose a problem. 

It will grow to 15-20 feet in height at maturity, which is somewhat short. Usually, the tree has several trunks, and its leaves are either blue-green or gray-green. With a spread of between five and twenty feet, the Mediterranean palm is an excellent plant for landscaping.

How Fast Do Windmill Palm Trees Grow?

Trachycarpus fortunei (Windmill Palm) is another slow grower that makes a good home landscape plant. With a single, thin trunk, the Windmill differs from the Mediterranean. Interestingly, the box grows in an inverse pattern — it begins narrow and becomes more expansive as it grows upward. 

As the leaves grow, they form a fan-shaped form that looks like a windmill (hence its name). Compact in nature, the Windmill can be grown indoors as a potted plant, even though it is cold-hardy up to zone 4. Plant the Windmill Palm in a protected location that provides some shading and shelters it from the hot afternoon sun if you live in a warm area (eight or higher).

Final Thoughts

In the end, we hope that you are clear about how fast does palm trees grow. The complete guide is accordingly different palm grass zones. You can check them and as per your location, you can decide which will grow fast.

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