Does Grits Kill Ants? Natural Remedy

Does Grits Kill Ants

You may have heard that does grits kill ants when you were a child in the American South. According to the remedy, the stinging ants eat the grits. In their stomachs, the grits will swell up, causing them to explode from the pressure. 

Despite sounding plausible, this is not true. As with other ant bait products, this home remedy probably originated from corn grits used as carriers for chemical bait. Grain by itself, however, does not provide any combat against fire ants.

Food Digestion In Ants

Consider that adult ants cannot eat solid food, such as grits, to dispel this myth. An ant’s digestive system is very complex. In the colony, the larvae are provided with food by the ants. 

After chewing and processing their food, fire ant larvae regurgitate the partially digested food to their caretakers. After the ants liquefy the nutrients, they consume them. In this way, there is no threat of their stomachs exploding.

Numerous studies have proven that grits do not effectively control or eliminate fire ant colonies. People have reported that grits were effective at killing ants, however. Even though the ants have vanished, grits don’t mean that they have died.

Fire ants don’t like to have their nests disturbed, just like many other species of ants. In response to a strange, unfamiliar material or situation, they often move somewhere else. Some suggest the colony relocated after discovering a heap of grit on top of their home. 

Grits by themselves don’t seem to kill fire ants, even in laboratory experiments. However, convincing the colony to move may not solve your problem.

Grits Are Small Enough For Ants To Carry

Scientists and researchers use grits to test ant poison or study ant behavior. Do they hope to find out whether grits can kill ants? Perhaps not.

It is common for ants to carry grits in such situations since they are light and can be easily carried. Unlike most other foraging ant species, foragers will find grits and carry them back to the mound if they think it will be helpful in the colony.

At some point, people began to notice that the ingredients of ant bait looked like grits. Grits are used as ant bait, as I just mentioned. Given these circumstances, it could be thought that grits kill ants.

Can Grits Kill Ants – No

Only a very few species of ants consume solid food in tiny amounts. However, most adult ants are unable to digest solid foods. Instead, they eat liquid foods only. Ants’ liquid diets are strange and weird.

Larvae play a significant role in ant colonies. A larvae’s role is crucial historically and immediately for the colony since it will become the next generation of workers.

In an ant colony, larvae act as a stomach.

Due to the inability of adult ants to digest solid food. Ant workers feed ant larvae foraged solid food. Depending on how digested the solid food is, the larvae can develop.

One Final Thought

Getting rid of ants in your yard can be a difficult task. To fulfill this task, scientists are constantly seeking out effective products.

To test new toxins, scientists feed poisoned grits to ants and plain grits to others. Grits are not likely to be deadly if they were because ants would have died if plain grits were. In reality, they’re not.

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