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10 Best Commercial Weed Eater – TOP PICKS 2021

Everyone who cares about the garden and fields needs the Best Commercial Weed Eater. It is hard to choose the best trimmer for lawn care, as there is a number of eaters/trimmers in the market. 

The most vital thing is that you must know about the essential elements to get the best weed eater. Every commercial plant-eater has some best features Like lightweight, balance, and fuel-efficient, etc. So, you want to get the best weed eater that keeps your lawn safe and gives it a fresh look. If you are professional, then you should go for the best commercial string trimmer that contains the best features. 

In this article, we will help you select the best commercial weed eater for you that is lower in price and best in style.

Image Product Feature Price
Greenworks 40V Brushless Cordless Hedge Trimmer
Lightweight, Easy to use and Better Battery life Check On Amazon
Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer
Best Quality and Reliable High Speed Trimmer Check On Amazon
DEWALT String Trimmer
Durable and Easy to Use Best Battery life Check On Amazon
WORX WG163 GT 3.0 PowerShare Cordless String Trimmer & Edger
Suitable for Trimming Grass, Bushes Check On Amazon
DEWALT 20V MAX String Trimmer
Efficient and Durable Environment friendly Check On Amazon
Greenworks Front Mount String Trimmer
Lightweight and Easy to Use Best Quality and Durable Check On Amazon
WORX WG154 20V PowerShare Cordless String Trimmer
Multifunction Trimmer With Best Cutting Performance Check On Amazon
BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer
Budget-Friendly Lightweight and Flexible Check On Amazon
Husqvarna 128LD Cutting Path Detachable Gas String Trimmer
Multi-Optional Trimmer Smart Engine System Check On Amazon
SRM-225 String Trimmer
Easily Feed more Line Works(Easily Re-string) Very Easy to Start Check On Amazon

Best Commercial Weed Eaters – Top 10 Picks

1-Greenworks 40V 24 inch Brushless Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Green Works is among one of the best brands. Here is one of the best commercial weed eaters that perform the Duty of cutting bushes. You can use it for clearing Bushes and broad fields.

Green works G-MAX is versatile in shape and design. Further, you can rotate it to 180 degrees with a rotating Handle so that it will be easy for you to cut from all sides. You will not feel tired while trimming. This rotating hedge trimmer has a range of 3/4-inch Steel blades of 24-Inch, and only works with the G-MAX batteries. They are long, sharp, and cut the bushes in a short period, and trim efficiently.

In addition, G-MAX Brushless Hedge Trimmer is user and environment-friendly. Its lock and trigger that helps in starting need low pressure to operate. A cordless hedge trimmer is best for small yards or lawns, and you can trim the thick bushes easily, and It is a very reliable performer for weeds trimming in large fields.

The trimmer performs a very great job of giving clean work. It is lightweight and straightforward to work with. You can also use it one-handedly and can kill the weeds, hedges, and bushes quickly.  Brushless Cordless Hedge Trimmer or weed hedger runs on the battery, and it has an interchangeable battery feature.

You can charge the battery, and it will work for more than 3 hours with the 4-ampere battery you can trim 200 feet easily. Moreover, It has good Speed without any noise. If you want to clear the broad fields, then a cordless hedge trimmer is best for working at affordable prices.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Better Battery life


  • Battery, not included
  • Bulky Battery

2-LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer

Makita Lithium cordless string trimmer is another battery weed eater in our basket. You can use it for light-duty work as it is the best tool for the house garden and yard trimming. The shape of the trimmer is versatile, and the length is perfect to use easily.

It has a cutting capacity of 10-¼ Inches. When it comes to power, it is quite powerful and has 7800 RPM that will help you in fast cutting. This Speed is best for the garden and yard trimming. You can use it easily as it is lightweight and easy to use.

As it is a battery-powered string trimmer, the battery is 18V LXT Lithium-Ion that works for years, but it is not available with this tool. You have to buy the battery separately, but the best thing is that you can charge the battery in just 10-15 Minutes. Although you don’t need to worry about it, it can work with any 18v Matika battery.

Its assembly is effortless, and you can manually change the length of the String as you have reliable control over it. When it comes to edging, it is not perfect. The telescopic shaft is pretty good, and that can extend up to 7.5 inches long. You can adjust the rotating head to 5 positions where you are comfortable. This string trimmer has a natural function of edger, As you can easily convert the trimmer into an edger.

It has a cutting diameter of 10.025 inches and has a single-line bump feed head. There are some issues with the spool, but if you are comfortable with it, then no problem. So, this string trimmer is best for you in this range.


  • Very Powerful Speed
  • Fast Battery Charger
  • The Battery Has Good Working Time
  • It Has an Adjustable Head
  • Best Quality and Reliable


  • Spool Wear Works Not Good
  • Hard to Open the Head
  • The String is Not Good Quality

3- DCST925M1 String Trimmer

Dewalt String trimmer is perfect for commercial landscaping. Just Like the best models, it contains the design of a split shaft. It has lightweight, and the shape is stable that will help in moving freely. You can quickly assemble and disassemble it with its parts. It is a long length with a cutting swath of 13 Inches along with a line of 0.080 Inches and is perfect for medium-sized Duty. 

You can use it comfortably for household use because of its power. You can easily set the Handle where you are comfortable. Its battery is 20V that is best for trimming weeds. You can charge the battery in many settings, either low settings or high settings.

The run time of the battery is best, and it increases its performance. You can quickly cut the 2 acres of lawn at low settings. When it comes to the line feed, it is super easy. Its Handle is made up of rubber so that you will have less vibration. You can get this string trimmer at a low price.


  • Trigger helps in Increasing Speed
  • Design Assists in Reducing Fatigue
  • Durable and Easy to Use
  • Best Battery life


  • Hard to reload the String
  • Tough to remove the spool

4-WG163 Cordless String Trimmer & Edger

The Cordless String trimmer is an excellent trimmer. You can use it for trimming grass, bushes, sidewalks, and gardens. The shape of the trimmer is versatile. It has a cutting width of 12 Inches, 10 Inches cutting line length, and 7600 rpm.

Further, the cordless trimmer is most famous for its height. It is lightweight, and you can use it with one hand and have fewer vibrations. The battery-powered trimmer has two batteries. As far as the running of battery time is concerned, it is good, and the original cell will work for five years. It has a battery time of 20-25 minutes after that you can change the battery. 

The material of the string trimmer is of high quality and durable. If you have health problems like back pain, chronic pain can buy this. You will feel comfortable and relaxed. Cordless string trimmer has a high RPM, and you can trim quickly and efficiently.

You can also adjust the trimmer line easily. So you can work at best in less time. Cordless trimmer has no issues like choking, sparkplugs, etc. As you can use it for the edging, so it works great. The Light cordless trimmer will solve all issues you are facing. It is cheap, and you will enjoy it. If you want to clear the yard and for regular use, WG 163 cordless string trimmer is best for you.


  • 2 Batteries
  • The String doesn’t get Jam


  • Not Use for Heavy Duty
  • Documentation is not Proper
  • Hard to Adjust the Length of the Shaft

5-DCST920B Lithium-Ion XR Brushless String Trimmer

Greenworks cordless string trimmer is another battery weed eater. This one is the best and powerful tool for removing the weeds from other Gas and battery trimmers. Its power is twice as much as the 20V string trimmers. You don’t have to mix the oil and other work to start it. As it is a battery-powered trimmer so just push the button to start it.

It is easy to carry with a handle when it comes to the style of the cordless string trimmer. You can handle it with a good grip. The cordless string trimmer has 12 Inches dual-line length with the auto-feed feature.  You can clear yards, gardens, flowers, and large fields. It can also trim the thick weeds easily.

You can remove the weeds efficiently in a short period. It has a fixed shaft that is not good, as all gardeners do have not the same height. Greenworks cordless string trimmer performs very well without any noise. You can carry it comfortably as it’s lightweight. 

You can also unpack it after using it because of the trash, so the assembly is easy to open and close. It has a strong string that will help you in trimming fastly. When it comes to the battery, it has a 40V and 2.0Ah battery that is quite suitable.

You can quickly recharge the battery. For protection, You must always wear long pants and glasses while trimming the lawn or yard. It is available in 2Ah, 3Ah, and also 4Ah battery along with the charger depending upon your choice. A cordless weed eater is the best for the price with all these features.


  • Easy to use
  • Efficient and Durable
  • Requires No Maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Low Noise


  • It Doesn’t Cut the Tough Weeds
  • No Battery
  • You can’t cut it at an Angle

6-40V Cordless String Trimmer

It is among the weed eaters/trimmers that are available in the market. The Dewalt String Trimmer is the best tool for the yard, garden to trim inside and outside corners efficiently with a Brushless string trimmer.

It has the best shape and long length design that will help you in original work. It has the Dual 0.080″ Line with bump feed and also contains 13 Inches cutting swath. Its RPM ranges from 0-4600 and 0-6000. String trimmer has the best style head, and the cutting path along with this assembly is quite easy.

It needs no maintenance after using it. This string trimmer has no noise while working, so you can use this without using ear protection. It is best for old age people because it is easy to control, and you will not feel any fatigue while using it.

The power is good enough to trim the garden and yard. It is lightweight and easy to carry. You can control its power easily as it has two options in Speed. You can set the pace fast and low as well. Its versatile features are that the motor is brushless that will increase its performance. Its material is of high quality and durable as it can work with 20V Max 0.5 Ah battery. 


  • Best Quality and Durable
  • Excellent Edger
  • Best Handling and Maneuverability
  • High RPM
  • Lightweight and Easy to Use
  • Trims Thick Weeds Fastly


  • The cutting line is not Good
  • Short People Hard to Use
  • It has a Fixed Shaft

7-WG154 Cordless String Trimmer

WORX Cordless string trimmer is another weed eater that you can get for the yard, protection of flowers, lawn care, and cut weeds quickly. You can convert it into an edger as it has multiple functions. No tool has such features as a cordless trimmer. A cordless string trimmer is versatile in shape and design.

As most of the people who are old age WORX Cordless string trimmer is best so that they can easily lift and control it. It is powerful, and you can use it without the fumes and noise. It is assembling with Good Quality material, and it is durable.

The Handle is long enough to trim the grass and has a start button to start quickly. Cordless trimmer has multiple cutting paths, and you can adjust them easily. When it comes to power, the Cordless string trimmer has 20V of energy and contains a cutting diameter of 10 Inches.

You can adjust it to 12 Inches depending upon your work. The line diameter of the trimmer is .065 Inches with a Single line along with the Automatic and Exit feed. The cordless string trimmer has a fixed shaft and a fixed head.  It has less weight than 4.2 lbs, and you can handle it correctly.

Moreover, the battery works for a more extended period. You can trim the full lawn with a single charge of the battery. You can cut the thick blades, but they will empty the battery fastly. Further, it is an excellent and reliable tool for the price.


  • Lightweight and Easy to Use
  • Best Cutting Performance
  • The Automatic Line Feed Works at Best
  • Various Functions
  • Cutting Choices are Adjustable
  • Easily Cuts Thick Weeds


  • The Battery takes Time to Charge
  • Spools are Cheap

8-String Trimmer With Auto Feed

Black+Decker is an electric string trimmer. It has a versatile shape and design. You can do light duty work from Black+Decker String trimmer for trimming yard and lawns etc. It has the most advanced technology of automatic spool feeding. You can safely use this string trimmer as there is a cord preservation system.

So, If you want to work light for cutting weeds from lawn, garden, and yards, this tool is best to use at a fair price.


  • Very Fair Price
  • Lightweight and Well Balanced
  • Easily Flexible Handle
  • Automatic Line Feed


  • Line Jam can Cause Motor Problems

9-128LD Detachable Gas String Trimmer

Husqvarna is the best brand that makes gas-powered trimmers. Our best picks include the best 128LD model trimmer. Whenever you want a powerful string trimmer for clearing weeds, then the hottest selling trimmer is a 128LD string trimmer. It is lightweight, easy to use, and homeowners can easily use it for household purposes.

The 128LD String trimmer works with the 28 ccs, 1.0 hp, 2-Stroke Engine, and you can use a max of 10% ethanol in the fuel. Along with these specs, its RPM is very high at about 8000 RPM. So you can easily trim weeds with the 17 Inches trimmer head. One of the best features is a 3-options choke for starting, warmup, and operating.

It contains a detachable shaft for secure storage. A fuel tank will tell you the ratio of fuel. If you utilize this string trimmer’s potential, then you can clean your lawn and fields from thick weeds.

Similarly, with this trimmer, you have the freedom to take care of lawns and fields. It has a cutting attachment guard you can use with the trimmer head or blade for timing grass. It is durable and safe to use. If you want to trim the weeds, grass, and large clear fields, it can efficiently work.


  • Lightweight and Multipurpose Tool
  • Very Powerful
  • Best Quality and Durable
  • Contains Detachable Shaft
  • The Engine has a Smart System that will Start it Easily


  • Fuel Case can Leak
  • Hard to Assemble for Beginners

10-SRM-225 String Trimmer

SRM-225 String Trimmer is the professional and most famous gas-powered trimmer. When it comes to design, it is versatile in design. The length of the shaft is 59 Inches with a cutting width of 17 Inches. The line diameter of the Echo String trimmer is 0.95 Inches and has a Fuel tank capacity of 14.9 oz. It is 2-Stroke, and the engine is 21.2cc. It works with a straight shaft, and the line is an excellent bump feed.

You can quickly start it by pulling the rope string. One of the versatile features of this trimmer is that it is more powerful than the battery weed eaters and lightweight. You will use the fuel for the gas-powered trimmer, so it gives high power with fuel. It has the potential of cutting thick weeds easily. 

Although gas-powered string trimmers are noisier than battery-powered, you will get less noise from this trimmer. With plenty of fuel, you can clean much of the area. So with a gas-powered trimmer, you can cut the grass, yard, and vast fields fast, as you will spend less time. You can use it easily without vibrations, and it is durable with the best quality. You have a workhorse for your lawn or field at the best price.

Therefore, If you want to string trimmers for heavy work just like thick grass, vast fields, it is best for them.


  • Very Easy to Start
  • Powerful Engine
  • You Can Easily Feed more Line Works(Easily Re-string)
  • Cuts the Thick Weeds and Tall Trees


  • Little Bit Pricey
  • If you Use Max Ethanol, It will Damage your Engine

How To Choose The Best Commercial Weed Eater?

Top Weed Eater Brands

Some people are brand conscious. If you want to buy the best commercial weed eater, these brands will help you determine the best weed eater. These brands are making cheap trimmers for the gardeners so that you can buy them easily.


Husqvarna is a Swedish firm that makes the best quality power machines, including commercial weed eaters, at a low price. They make trimmers in china as well. They are also producing quality products with a warranty.

If you get the Husqvarna trimmer with the three x32 ounces, fuel can. Then it will extend your warranty from 2 to 4 years if you are searching for the best weed eater. Husqvarna is the best one at less price.


The echo is an American brand that has a wide range of commercial weed eaters. They also focus on the gas weed trimmers that most of the gardeners are using them. 

Along with these, we have Makita, Greenworks, and WORX as well. You can also check them.

Commercial Weed Eater Buyer’s Guide

When choosing the models, we help you by explaining some of the features. With this, you can quickly select the model of the best Commercial weed eater that will be easy to use and strong.

Special String Trimmer

Firstly, there are different commercial weed eaters available in the market with various models—that includes edges, blowers, shafts, and other tools.

You take care of lawn, fields, and gardens with the help of trimmers. Through trimming and edging, you are earning efficiently. So, you don’t want weed eaters that have fewer features, or that are less efficient. You can’t go without a string trimmer. Instead of this, you need a string trimmer that has versatile features. 

Battery Powered Trimmer

You must know that batteries are the source of energy. So if the battery is best, it will increase the working of the trimmer. So, if the battery is not right, then You will face some issues, although there are many best battery-powered trimmers. You don’t feel any hassle to use the battery power trimmer.

You don’t need to do the maintenance like gas trimmers, and as well as the battery-powered trimmers are lightweight as compared to gas string trimmers. Now it’s your choice.

Gas Powered Trimmers

As far as the powered weed eater is concerned. 

You can choose the best gas commercial weed eater for the vast fields. It will make more power you can clear the fields in a short period. 

Gas-powered trimmers are:

  • Two-Stroke
  • Four-Stroke

It is your choice if you are happy with a Two-Stroke gas-powered trimmer or Four-Stroke powered trimmer. Two-Stroke makes more power, and most of the time, professional gardeners use it in fields. It has more noise than the Four-Stroke Engine.


One of the best features of the 4-Stroke weed eaters is that it works without fuel mixing. It doesn’t give smoke, works well, and has higher energy. Along with this, the 4-Stroke cycle weed eaters are a little bit pricey. You have to go for a premium to buy the best 4-Stroke powered weed eater.

4-Stroke Engines have the feature of auto shut down. When the ratio of the oil is less so, it will automatically shut off the engine, and it will keep the engine fuel-efficient and results in increasing the stability of the engine.

Four-Strokes are easy to use. if you want the versatile features gas-powered trimmer then the four-stroke engine is:

  • Easy to start
  • only Gas to start
  • Fewer fumes than Two-Stroke Engine
  • More Fuel Efficient


While 2-Stroke weed eaters work efficiently, they are less pricey compared to the 4-Stroke weed eater. There are various features available in 4-Stroke as they are fuel-efficient. In 2-Stroke weed eaters, you have the choice to mix the oil and gas yourself. You can get the pre-mixed mixture, and It is hard to start.

Now, the choice is yours. You want a Battery-powered trimmer, and Gas powered Trimmer (Two-Strokes or Four Strokes). 

Shaft Options

It would help if you considered the rods while getting a commercial weed eater when it comes to the commercial weed eater’s shafts. There are two types of shafts that gardeners or landscapers use. 

  • Curved Shaft Weed Eaters  

It depends upon the experience of the landscapers. Moreover, some prefer curved shafts rather than straight shafts by saying that they feel more comfortable while trimming weeds for a more extended period. 

One of the best features of curved shafts is that it is lighter than the straight shaft as most of the people want lightweight weed eaters. As it is lightweight, it is easier to use in large fields, and they are versatile.

  • Straight Shaft Weed Eaters

While the straight shafts are more flexible, it will help you in trimming under bushes as they are not comfortable enough as the curved shaft weed eaters, But they can cut edges better than curved shaft weed eaters.


Auto choke is the most unique and one of the best features in commercial weed trimmers. You can quickly start the weed eater with the auto choke. You will pull the choke till it fires when the trimmer will fire up. Leave it. When you touch the throttle, this will help the engine quickly without any effort. The Husqvarna 525LST and Makita EM2650LH contain this auto-choke feature.


String trimmers can work with the help of a battery, Gas, or light. Light is a significant source of power. So if electricity is the source of trimmers, they will make more power and produce better output. The cutting of weeds in fields at long lengths depends upon the length of the cord.

On the other hand, electric weed eaters are not fit for large areas. On the other hand, the best commercial battery weed eater keeps its energy in the battery. You must Charge the battery so that it will help in trimming the weeds in your lawn or field area.

In Addition to this, if you want to clear the large field area or lawn area, you will need a battery with a large capacity to store the power in itself.

Cutting Swath

You must focus on the trimmer’s head if you want to trim the grass on your lawn or in fields. Most of the trimmers have a short cutting head that needs more time to cut the grass in large areas. 

So with short-cutting heads, you will spend more time and fuel. You must choose the trimmer with a large cutting head to cut the grass fast in a short period. 

Most importantly, If you have large fields, choose the trimmer with the cutting head of at least 17-Inches for commercial use.

Cutting Head Type

The cutting head has some of its types that will help you in selecting the best commercial trimmer. 

  • Fixed Head

The fixed head is the most time-consuming, and it will not be in the best commercial weed eater.

  • Bump Head

A bump-cutting head is another type of cutter. You can put the head of the cutter on the field or lawn where you want to clear them. You can change the line when it no longer works. 

One of the major parts is the design of the cutter head that will help for the powerful and efficient working. If You are looking for a time-saving cutting head, then bump heads are best enough.

  • Automatic Head

The last and modern type of cutting head is an automatic head. You can use it for commercials as well as the house. It contains a spinning motor that will maintain the length of the cutting String, But it can create malfunctioning. 

In Addition to this, for commercial trimming, I usually prefer a bump head cutter because it will work in a short time and easy control. You can see its features, but it also has some bindings.

Now it’s your choice. You want a bump head or automatic head.


You must think about the weight of the Best Commercial Weed Eater while overviewing the other factors. Most of the time, most people go for a lightweight machine that is easy to use. 

If You are clearing large fields that will require a lot of time, so you want a lightweight trimmer. So that will help you without getting tired.

Therefore there are several commercial weed eaters/trimmers in the market, but most of the time, everyone wants the lightweight trimmers as the weight of the trimmer lies on the parts. You must avoid the parts that are not essential.


You need to grasp the serviceability of the commercial weed trimmers/eaters. As you want, the most useful weed eater for your lawn or fields. 

They use the trimmers every day for trimming, So they need to grease them well and perform their work.

Realistic Budget

After getting the information about the weed eaters, the buyer’s most valuable thing is the budget. The price depends upon the reliability of the weed eater. You can use commercial weed eaters for long working hours. Besides this, if You want to buy the best weed eater, then it will cost you a premium. 

If you are a landscaper, then $99 Greenworks from Walmart is not enough to work. If you want to take care of the lawn, then the best commercial weed eaters for the lawn price ranges from $250-$400. So, getting the best tool for lawn care or landscaping. You can save money for an extended period.

Final Verdict

Deciding the Best commercial weed Eater is not an easy job for you. In this article, we also highlight the reviews of commercial weed eaters. You must check these all parameters while choosing the best commercial weed eater. It will help you in selecting the best and most suitable weed eater/trimmer.
Finally, With our in-depth market research, Husqvarna is one of the best weed eaters. You can get it if you want to clear the lawn, backyard, patio, and large fields. You must be aware of things when picking a trimmer to help you make an informed purchase decision.

I also prefer Green Works as a second choice as it contains multiple features with less noise. Along with them, the Black+Decker is a string trimmer and edger as well it has a fair budget.
There are some others like WORX, Black Decker, and Husqvarna You can also check them.


Where Can I Use The Weedeater?

You can use weed eaters for household purposes for trimming lawns and yards. Similarly, If you are a professional, you can use it to cut the weeds and large clear fields. You can do your job correctly with the best commercial weed eater.

Do I Need The Best Weed Eater?

If you have a large area with a lot of grass to trim and you have a yard, patio or you want to protect flowers. Moreover, If you have large field areas, then you need the best commercial weed eater.

Gas Vs. Electric Weedeaters

We have a focus on the battery weed eaters in this article as they are lightweight and easy to handle for the yard and large fields. There are different best options for people who have yards and gardens.
Furthermore, Gas weed eaters are useful for yards and large fields, and it is quite powerful for large fields. If you have large areas and many weeds to trim, then the best battery-powered weed eater is good.

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