pruning palm trees

Pruning Palm Trees – Expert Guide

Here in Florida, pruning palm trees is a necessary part of tree care. Your tree will grow new, healthy leaves easier by pruning off old, damaged parts. It…

how fast do palm trees grow

How Fast Do Palm Trees Grow? Garden Guide

Trees and shrubs in the perennial liana, shrub, and tree family are palm trees. Palm trees are among the fascinating plant species on earth due to their fantastic…

planting Palm Trees

Planting Palm Trees – Expert Guide

Many aspects of planting palm trees are similar to planting any other kind of tree. Plants grown in nurseries are generally potted, or they are balled and burlapped….

Palm Trees

Palm Trees – Complete Guide About Palms

Imagine a tropical paradise with beautiful palm trees, sandy white beaches, vacations, and a relaxed lifestyle. If you look anywhere in Southern California, Florida, or the Caribbean, you…

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When Do You Cut Back Peonies? Best Time

When do you cut back peonies? Do you know? Alright, Spring is the time of year when peonies, with their beautiful, flashy, fragrant blooms, become the center of…

How To Make Bermuda Grass Thicker

How To Make Bermuda Grass Thicker?

It’s not pretty when Bermuda grass thins out. Superfluous topsoil that easily compacts prevents grassroots from getting air, nutrients, and water. Bermudagrass lawns can become thin due to…

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Zoysia Vs Bermuda – Which one is Perfect?

Have you thought of putting a lawn in your yard? When it comes to choosing grass, how do you decide between Zoysia vs Bermuda? Both types of grass…

how often to water palm trees

How Often To Water Palm Trees? Complete Guide

How often to water palm trees? Using the correct method is essential. Almost all palms prefer a mix of moist sand and dirt that drains well. It is…

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How To Trim A Ponytail Palm? Expert Techniques

There is no such thing as a ponytail palm. Instead, it refers to a succulent from Mexico. Although small, they have a trunk-like layer of rough, thick skin,…

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How To Make Homemade Miracle Grow?

You know exactly what goes into homemade natural plant fertilizer, so it’s the best thing you can do for your plants! The nutrients magnesium and sulfur add to…